Automatic chain sharpener for chainsaw

Automatic sharpener
About This Project

Short information about performances and technical data of the Automatic Chain Grinder G.G.

– Pneumatic chain tensioner
Any sawchain will perfectly tensioned, included dirty, jammed chains as we/1 as rusted ones.

– Automatic grinding
Al/ teeth of the sawchain will be grounde during the same grinding cycle ,included possible double teeth ) e two consecutive
left or right teeth

– electronic adjustment
To adjust the grinding of sawchains from 1/4″ to . 404″ pitch

– Plc command
Al/ operations of the grinding machine are set up by a computer

– Number of teeth
When required, you can pre-set the number of the sawchain teeth to be ground

– Automatic grinding of the depth gauge
The depth gauges of a complete sawchain can be ground in one operation cycle

– No operator is required during grinding procedure

– Time required to grind a 68 sawchain links -regardless to the condition of of the sawchain-: max. 2’30”

Time required to reset the grinding machine: max. 1′


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